Corporate Finance

Complete financial solutions for the most diverse modalities of customized financial advisory for your company. We work within several different sectors in the economy, with businesses in different magnitudes and sizes. Check below Investor’s expertise within the Corporate Finance segment.

Business Valuation

The Valuation service focuses in the determination of the intrinsic value of one company or project by using specific methodologies regulated by CVM, such as Discounted Cash Flow, Multiples and Equity Value.

The first step in this service is the understanding of the company, when is put in evidence the most important strategic, marketing and operational characteristics of the client. Thereafter, is projected financial values of the company, such as the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement, for a five-year period, based upon performance premises and market analyses.

The product of this process is the final Valuation Report indicating a range for the fair value of the client’s company, detailing the whole process and methodologies used in order to corroborate with the results found.

Estudo de viabilidade

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study allows managers to analyze and compare different types of investments. The service offers:

  • Market and operational analyses of the investment in study;
  • Financial forecasting of the investment in different possible scenarios;
  • Investment analytical techniques, such as IRR (Internal Rate of Return), NPV (Net Present Value), Payback and Sensibility Analysis.

The product of this study is a report contemplating not only a complete analysis of the value added to the company by the project, but also a financial map of the business.

Resources Funding

This service is aimed at companies that wish to raise resources, such as debt, in order to finance its activities, counting on the expertise of specialists to conduct the process together with the financial institutions, through the study and analysis of the best credit lines in the market, operation structuring, negotiation, and the capitation of the resources.

The objective is to ensure the viability of the investment through the use of promotion credit lines (like BNDES) or others, in order to develop even more the operations of the company and optimize its capital structure. The steps of this service are:

  • Analysis and operation structuring, raising the best credit lines that will meet the company’s demands;
  • Conduction of the whole process together with the selected financial institutions, until the release of the capital demanded.
Operações financeiras

Structured Operations

They are customized operations that are in accordance to the client’s interest and objectives, with the goal to maximize the returns, mitigate the risks and secure the most adequate legal structure for the project. For such, Investor will advise in the development of different modalities, such as:

  • Project Finance;
  • Investment Funds Structuring, like Private Equity Funds, Credit Rights Investment Funds, and Real Estate Investment Funds;
  • Debenture Issuing;
  • Promissory Notes Issuing.

Financial Advisory

The Financial Advisory includes a larger range of products, customized for the demand of each client:

  • Business Plan;
  • Financial Coaching;
  • Budget Planning and Control;
  • Development of financial monitoring and managerial tools;
  • Monitoring of the inherent risks of the business;
  • Corporate Governance Structuring and Implementation;
  • Financial Management Structuring.
Assessoria financeira
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