Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management involves a series of activities related to the assets of a company, among which we highlight:

  • Inventory tagging;
  • Asset valuation for different purposes;
  • Accounting to Physical reconciliation;
  • Meeting the accounting requirements:
    • Law 11.638/2007.
    • CPC 01 – Impairment Test (Reduction to the Recoverable Value).
    • CPC 27 – Economic Useful Life.
    • CPC 46 – Fair Value.
    • ICPC 10 –Fixed Asset Technical Interpretation.
  • Setting the useful life, remaining life, future depreciation rate and residual life;
  • Procedure implementation and equity routines.

Most Important Results Found:

  • Secured Equity – mitigation of future risks;
  • Meeting the accounting requirements;
  • Data base organization, as for inconsistency and outdating;
  • Cost Reduction – avoid the acquisition of unnecessary assets and optimize new buying processes;
  • Strengthen the company’s image for the care over its property;
  • Increase on the return on assets (ROA).
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