Real Estate Valuation

Technical Reports for the valuation of urban (residential, commercial and industrial), rural (ranches and farms), or enterprises (embedding areas, hotels, shopping centers and others).

The Reports elaborated by Investor follow in detail the demands and procedures established by ABNT NBR 14653 (and its correlated parts), using solid fundaments and statistical inferences through simple or multiple linear regressions.

The Real Estate Valuation Report has different purposes, as described:

  • Equity management and following of legal and accounting rules, such as the CPC 01 (Impairment Test), CPC 15 (Business Merger), CPC 27 (Economic Useful Life) and CPC 46 (Fair Value Measurement);
  • Property sales or acquisitions – Fair Value negotiations;
  • Determination of the rental value and analysis of the return on the Real Estate portfolios;
  • Dissolution and corporate restructuring;
  • Valuation for Insurance purposes/ Banking guarantees;
  • Tax revision (Property Tax / Tax over Real Estate Transmission / Tax over Real Estate Donation or Inheritance after Death);
  • Feasibility Study;
  • Legal assistance (pawning, Inventory, family litigations, rent renewal actions, expropriations, and others);
  • Asset valuation in Private Equity Investment Funds and Real Estate Investment Funds;
  • Update of the market value of the assets of a company.
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