M&A – Mergers and Acquisitions

Investor supports the transactions throughout the whole process, from the company’s structuring, investors’ capitation and negotiations to deal conclusion. The M&A operations can implicate companies’ mergers or acquisitions, full or partial assets sales, operational agreements, strategic alliances, joint-ventures, IPOs, but also resource funding from Private Equity, Venture Capital, and others.

M&A Step by Step


Study that gives the most important characteristics of a company and its positioning in the market, in order to help Investor and the client in the composition of an Investment Thesis.


Description of the strategy that will be used to attract potential investors to the operation.


A brief summary of the most relevant and differential characteristics of the company such as, profitability, market-share and brand positioning. Contemplate, also, the strategy of value added to the potential investors and a brief description of the market where the company is inserted.


Acronyms in English for Non-Disclosure Agreement and Letter of Intentions respectively, which must be signed by the parties involved in order to provide a more secure environment for data disclosure that might be characterized as strategic and confidential.


Acronyms in English for Memorandum of Understanding, a legal agreement that celebrates a common interest of the parties involved in the terms agreed upon to concretize the negotiation.


Auditing procedures to verify data and financial information disclosed, in the most diverse spheres, being the accounting one, fiscal, financial and legal, for the purpose of validating the real situation of the company and mitigate possible risks.


Celebration of the legal instruments that conduct the rules of the relationship and establish the rights and obligations of the parties involved.

*Investor advises its clients in every step of the M&A process, however does not execute auditing services and/or legal advisory because of conflict of interest.

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