Customized services for each company

In the areas of M&A, Corporate Finance, Real Estate Valuation and Fixed Asset Management.

Learn about the solutions offered by Investor in the areas of M&A – Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation – Business Valuation, Real Estate Valuation, Fixed Asset Management and the most diverse modalities of projects in Corporate Finance, customized in accordance to the demands of each company.

M&A – Mergers and Acquisitions

The M&A operations can implicate in companies’ mergers or acquisitions, full or partial assets sales, or strategic agreements.

Corporate Finance

Financial Solutions for the most diverse modalities of business advisories customized for companies in different stages and sectors of the economy.

Real Estate Valuation

The Real Estate Valuations include technical reports related to urban, rural, commercial and non-commercial property.

Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Asset Management segment includes several activities related to companies’ fixed assets.

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